If you require help placing an order for a catered event, please contact the Silver & Blue Catering Office at (775) 784-6143. Personal appointments may be made at your convenience. We are happy to provide guidance in all aspects of planning your event. When available, please provide us with your agenda.


While we may be able to accommodate your needs with less lead time, we prefer the opportunity to do our best for you. Please give us ample time to plan for your upcoming event. If we can accommodate orders with less than 72 hours time, we are happy to do so. However, any event that is arranged with less than 72 hours advance notice will be subject to a 50.00 service charge. We ask that you finalize all menus no later then five (5) working days in advance. There is a minimum food order of 125.00 for all deliveries. Orders placed for under 125.00 will be charged a delivery fee of 25.00.

Table Set Up & Room Decor

It is your responsibility to make arrangements for the unlocking of buildings and rooms and for set up and removal of tables and chairs. Please ensure all tables and chairs are in place with ample time for our service staff to properly set them. The number and size of tables and chairs you need is determined by the type of event you are having. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding whom to contact or what your event may require. We are happy to arrange for any special decorations/flowers etc. upon your request for an appropriate fee. There will be a 25.00 service charge added to your bill if the catering staff has to place tables.
Please check with your site contact to ensure the proper number of trash receptacles are set up and removed. With five (5) working days advance notice, Building & Grounds, 784-8020, is able to order delivery and pick up of extra trash receptacles.
We will supply linens and covers (where possible) for any tables used for the display of food and beverage. If additional linen or table covering is needed, we are happy to provide it for an appropriate fee. 

Delivery Off Campus

It is your responsibility to ensure that your location is unlocked and set up to your specifications to allow for delivery and/or clean up. For any delivery off the campus there will be an additional 2.00 per mile fee. You are responsible for the safe keeping of all Silver & Blue Catering equipment used on the site. Any equipment lost or damaged will be charged at replacement value on your bill.

Special Notice to University Groups

University groups need to observe the following guidelines when booking events with Silver & Blue Catering:
1. Please have a signed request for payment or purchase card information prior to your event.
2. Include all service charge amounts as well as delivery fees in the dollar amount submitted for approval.
3. Account must be a “host account.”
4. A signature is required by a Dean or Vice President.


All invoices shall be paid the next business day following the event by using the supplied card provided in the online wallet.  If paying by supplier requisition or other form of payment the terms are 10 business days.  In the event invoices are not paid within 30 days of the event date, interest will be charged to the ordering department. 


We understand that situations arise which may require you to cancel your event. For this reason, cancellations may be made up to three (3) working days before your event at no charge. Cancellations after this time are subject to costs incurred and may be charged the full contracted price.

Service Fees

Standard service time is four hours, any additional time needed due to programs or ceremonies will be charged at 27.50 per hour per attendant. If additional time or attendants are desired, attendants are available at 27.50 per hour per attendant.

Wine Beer & Spirits

The licensing for the dispensing of alcoholic beverages is through Silver & Blue Catering only. If alcohol is present, an Alcoholic Request Form must be completed and signed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Life ten (10) working days in advance of the function and may be obtained from Student life services. In keeping with University of Nevada, Reno requirements, please ask us about our corkage policy.

Health & Liability

Food items that are not consumed remain the property of Silver & Blue Catering due to health and liability reasons.

Dietary Considerations

With advance notice, Silver & Blue Catering will do whatever is possible to work with special dietary requests.

Guarantees & Minimums

An estimate of the number of guests will be requested while making your initial arrangements, however, we ask that you inform us if the number of guests varies from this initial number by 10% or more during the planning stages. We require that a guarantee number is given three (3) working days prior to your event. If we do not receive a guarantee number, we will set it at the same number that is on the current contract. We will prepare 5% over the guarantee number for buffet and served meals. You will be charged for your guarantee number or actual number served, whichever is greater.

ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. All catering services are subject to 15% service charge & taxes where applicable. Menu items may need to be substituted due to circumstances we are unable to control.

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